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      Home ? Research institutions ?The Institute of Public Market and Government Procurement

      The Institute of Public Market and Government Procurement

      Founded in April, 2003, the Institute of Public Market and Government Procurement (IPMGP) was the first academic research institute in China to specialize in this area of study.

      IPMGP employs full-time multidisciplinary instructors, and part-time researchers from government offices, scientific research institutions, and research organizations, who together form a multidisciplinary public market and government procurement research team of 15 individuals. In addition, doctoral and Master’s students are involved in related studies. The main research areas include public market and government procurement, government economic management, tendering and bidding, government procurement law, international public procurement, international economic organizations, international economic and trade, national finance theory and practical problem-solving, and the digitalization of government procurement. The institute conducts research on national, provincial, and municipal issues and also produces special research reports and translations of journal articles, monographs and teaching materials.

      IPMGP maintains close relationships with different levels of government, with business enterprises, with professionals in the field of education and scholarly research, and with the press, and has developed partnerships with national ministries and research institutions as well as with institutes in foreign universities. IPMGP has also hosted forums on research and theory in the area of public market and government procurement and on related policy topics, as well as the National University Students Government Procurement Forum. As well, the institute frequently organizes international academic exchanges. Led by experts in theory-based research in government procurement, IPMGP is trying to be recognized as an important scientific research center, akey site for training future professionals, and a specialized think-tank.