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      Home ? Research institutions ?The Center for International Strategy and Security Studies

      The Center for International Strategy and Security Studies

      Founded in March, 2001, the Center for International Strategy and Security Studies aims to conduct research on national and international issues from the perspective of evaluation in politics, economy, and society and on the basis of analysis and judgment of national security, to provide theoretical perspectives and policy support for national security strategy. The Center also endeavors to provide intellectual support for national security by advancing theoretical systems in the discipline.

      The Center for International Strategy and Security Studies has developed scholarly relationships with domestic and foreign institutions of higher learning as well as with think tanks. The Center also brings renowned experts specializing in international strategy and security together in research teams to work on relevant issues. The Center organizes international strategy and security forums every year, and has the responsibility for writing the blue book on national security for the Annual Report on China’s National Security Studies, the Review of China’s National Security, and the Journal of National Security. The Center also publishes related monographs and edited collections. Through continuous efforts the Center is becoming an elite think tank in the area of international strategy and security.