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      Home ? International Exchange & Cooperation ? Education for Overseas Students

      Education for Overseas Students

      The international education at UIR started with Chinese language programs for learners around the world. Each year, hundreds of international students were trained to improve their proficiency in Chinese language and gain more insight into Chinese culture.

      In recent years, UIR has mainly enrolled exchange students from partner universities overseas for undergraduate and graduate studies in accordance with its talent cultivation objectives and internationalization endeavor. Every year, exchange students from the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, France, Romania, Bulgaria, Japan, etc. come to UIR to participate in the UIR-AAU joint Master's program in "China and International Relations (CIR)" or study Chinese language and culture and international relations.

      International students at UIR study in the same classroom and share dormitory buildings on campus with Chinese students. Such fusion in academic study and daily life has contributed significantly to the development of foreign language competence, cross-cultural communication skills, and international horizons for both international and local students.